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With the sport of Archery becoming ever popular, the more demand there is for a quality entry level bow.
Introducing the Avenger, an ultra adjustable and versatile bow for Women, Youth, Bowfishing or the average Bowhunter.

With draw length adjustments from 18″- 29″, and a look that resembles our popular X-10 model,  the Avenger bow is perfect for nearly every shooter.   Experience Sport, Experience the Avenger!







Avenger side



Brace Height            7 5/8″ inches

Axle-to-Axle              32 1/4″

Draw Length**            18″-29 1/2 ”   (Adjustable on Cam)

Peak Weights           50 or 60 pounds Max

Riser                          Forged Aluminum Brute Riser

Limb                          14″ Solid Limbs

Cams                         2-RAD adjustable

Grip                           Two-Piece wood grip

Speed                        up to 310 FPS IBO


Standard color options:


Camo / Black


*This product is produced and or Licensed under one or more of the following Patents # 5,809,982/5,368,006/5,791,322/4,739,744/5,040,520/4,519,374

**all draw lengths are true draw length not AMO


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