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Ascension XR

     New 2018


Three things come to mind when looking for the perfect bow:

  •   Speed
  •   Forgiveness
  •   Stability

The Ascension has it all as a perfect combination between a stable target bow and a hunting platform. It is an awesome combination for any shooter whether it be for competition or hunting. The Ascension gives you everything you need to Ascend to the top of the leader-board!

Ascension Features:

  •  Smooth drawing XR Cam system

  • up to 90% Letoff

  • Adjustable draw lengths from 24′”-32″

  • Draw weight adjustment from 20-70 lbs


Cam: New 2018 XR Cam

Limb:  12 3/4″ Quad Split limbs

ATA: 35″ inches

Brace: 7 3/8″ inches

Mass Weight: 4.5

Peak Draw Weights 65-70

Draw Lengths 24″- 32″ adjustable module

Speed up to 320 FPS IBO

up to 360 FPS with the Speed Pro Arrow

Available Right Handed & Left Handed



XR Cam  All New 2018

  • Draw Lengths adjustable from 24″ -32″
  • up to 90% Letoff
  • Ultra smooth drawing cam system
  • 4 track yoke system eliminates cam-lean


Reverse Pocket system – Revolutionary design


  • Poundage adjustment from 20-70 lbs
  • Ability to break-down the bow completely without a bow-press
  • De-String the bow in the field without a bow-press
  • Pocket-Lok technology… Limb pocket anchoring system enables accuracy to be  retained throughout the weight range despite limbs being backed out

Contoured Pro Grip 

Considered one of the most accurate and comfortable grips in the industry!

  • Perfect grip hand alignment
  • Repeatable every time
  • Side hand-hold relief contours for natural grip placement


HCA Patented Rollerguard

Standard color options:

– TrueTimber® Kanati Riser and Tac-Black Limbs

TAC Black Riser with Tac-Black Limbs

   Optional Colors

    (additional cost involved)
3D Colors available: Red, White, Blue, Orange, Lime Green, Purple, Gold



**all draw lengths are true draw length not AMO

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